Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nanchang Day 2

We have had a very busy past 24 hours! Not only was March 9th Lydia's gotcha day, it was also her adoption day. Provincial rules usually require the adoptive family to spend one night with the baby, but for some reason we were allowed to do both. So we promised to never abuse or abandon her and signed many many papers and poof! We're paerents again! We could not be happier! She is such a sweet baby. She has 4 teeth, weighs 21lbs, and LOVES her daddy. She has been smiling a little for us, but mostly she is content to look around and be held. She does not want to be put down. I had to put her in my bed last night and today Mark held her for her nap when she fussed about being put down. We learned through our guide that the Chinese language has 4 tones, and tone is everything. This afternoon Mark sat Lydia on the bed and she began to fuss. Mark jokingly said to her in a fatherly tone "you're not gonna start that little girl," and she squalled her head off. Lesson learned, tone is everything. We have been to the city center park today and Wal-Mart. I have heard about the magnetic carts on escalators, but seeing it was unreal. I have a photo of it to post later. Tomorrow we are going out to the country and we can hardly wait. Thank you all so much for the e-mails and blog comments. It is wonderful to hear from you while we are so far away. We are overwhelmed to be a part of this wonderful journey charted by God. We continue to ask for your prayers, Lydia has a bit of congestion in her head and chest, but no fever. :-) She is not rolling over yet and only sits up for short periods. We have much ground to cover! Much love to you all!
Mark, Cindy, and Lydia


Lori said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. I love that gotcha day was March 9th! That was a busy day if you got her and did paperwork the same day. Whew!

Wal Mart was interesting, wasn't it?

See you soon,

Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

I have never heard of the magnetic carts. Can't wait to see photos. We didn't get to go to a Walmart. It sounds as if Lydia is adjusting to having someone hold her all the time. Molly was the same way. she slept in her bed the first night, and sometimes for naps. But by the time we got home, she was in bed with us. Why did we even paint the nursery? hehe. We'll come help you guys with her whenever you need us to. Keep giving her all that love and she will blossom! Love to all!

Pooler Family said...

She is adorable! This moring when I skyped with Mark she reached over and picked up his newspaper and held it up to him - I thought that was pretty smart. I agree with Allyson, love is like the magic potion that will make her bloom, and there won't be a shortage of that in this family!!

Happy Bonding!

Kim said...

WONDERFUL!!! What an amazing little girl you have! I love the look on her face (where she's wearing red).... looks like she's really checking things out!
We're so happy that she's bonding so well to you both. Our hearts continue to rejoice over the great things that God has done in your lives and the life of little Lydia by placing you all together!
Jadewyn wasn't rolling over or sitting alone when we first got her either. Within no time she began to roll over, sit alone, and started to pulling up. That ground will be covered quickly.
Wow... you did have a busy day! We went back for paperwork the next day. Sounds like you have a really good girl on your hands if you did all of that in one day and wasn't pulling your hair out! hehe!
WE ARE SOOOO SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!! Gosh, can't wait to get our hands on her!!!
MUCH LOVE, The Knapps

Maggie and Lillie said...

Congratulations! Lydia is absolutely beautiful. Glad to hear that she is having a smooth transition. I can't wait to see pictures of Xinyu.

Enjoy the rest of your trip and your new little blessing.

Kelly Taylor

Fleurs de Chine said...

Good stay has Nanchang, that good memories for our family.


Rapahelle mom of two pearls of China