Monday, March 16, 2009

Guangzhou Day 3

One week ago today a very sweet, but sad little girl was placed into our arms. Her life, as well as ours will never be the same. She has blossomed into a much stronger, happier baby than I could have ever imagined possible. We know it is because of all of the prayers you have all been covering her with. She can sit up, roll over, try to stand holding on to someone, and smiles the most heartwarming toothy grin the Lord ever made. When we answered the call to adopt from China we were prepared for whatever the Lord had for us. What the Lord has given us is a loving, funny, very laid back baby. Adopting Lydia has revealed to me a deep look into myself as I reflect on what God did for me when He claimed me as His own. The good people of China are very happy to see Lydia with American parents. The often give us the thumbs up, and say "lucky baby." Mark and I respond... "blessed parents." Where would any of us be with out God? One more Day!!!


Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Your adoption of Lydia has also made me reflect on ours. Sometimes I feel so unworthy to have such a fabulous husband and daughter. And then I remind myself of how much HE loves me and He has blessed me with these gifts. We are, of course, so happy for you. I can see how much she has changed in just one week. Enjoy your last day, I love all of pictures.


Pooler Family said...

Hey, hey, hey! Only one more day!! I'm home with Josie today bc she has a fever and a cough. I'm taking her to the doctor for meds. I don't want our visit to be cut short due to sick kids.

Love the pink beanie hat - she's quite the little fashion princess. To the average stranger reading your blog, you have made the trip look fairly easy - you have been blessed with an uneventful process and for that we are thankful! We'll keep sending the love and prayers your way.

Much Love,

Scott & Yvonne Shull said...

It seems like just yesterday ya'll told us that ya'll were going to adopt a baby girl from China. Now look Lydia is here and absolutely Beautiful and Happy. And in your arms and hearts forever. Isn't it neat how God works everything out. I now see why the Chinese are so tiny. If I had to eat that kind of food everyday a would probably be a stick. Thank God for Cracker Barrel. HeHeHe. I know Jason and Andrew can't wait to hold their baby sister soon. We love ya'll and keeping ya'll in prayer for safe travel and Homecoming.
Love, Von

Kim said...

Hello Friends,
What a True blessing it has been to our lives seeing this miracle unfold in yours. Our God is truly a GREAT BIG GOD. He is so worthy of our constant PRAISE!
Without Him we are nothing but with Him and His tender hand leading us we have Everything.
Thanks for answering the call to China.
What a Blessed little girl to have you and what Blessed Parents to have her!
Praying for you as you HEAD FOR HOME!!! YAY!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, what sweet pictures!

Nancy B said...

We pray that you will have a great trip home. Your daughter is beautiful. We are so glad to be at home. Still trying to adjust to the time difference.
Nancy Werts

Fleurs de Chine said...

we hope that you are well, and that your voyage occurs well. Your daughter is always also beautiful.


Raphaelle mom of two pearl of China