Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nanchang Day 3

Today was another wonderful day. Lydia is doing terrific. As you can see from the video, she love, love, loves her daddy!!! They were playing with toilet paper. She is a very laid back baby, and just rolls with the flow. She is making good eye contact and now cries when we put her down. Today we went to to the country side to see a typical foster home such as the one Lydia was in. We were also able to photopraph the seperate kitchen. As you can see it is very humble means, but the people in the community were quite happy. There is also a photo of a school that we were permitted to briefly tour. The classroom through the window was a 1st grade class. The little boy at the gate of the school was in trouble for not taking his studies seriously. China no longer uses corporal punishment. As we were driving down the street there came many buffalo being driven by a man with a stick. They appeared to know where to go. The sights, smells, and sounds are unforgettable. Our last stop was on "Pottery Street." Jiangxi is known for it's fine porcelean production. We were able to purchase a meaningful gift for Lydia from her home province. We are having a blast, but our hearts are hungry for home. we have what we came here for! Again, thank you so much for the e-mails, and blog comments, and facebook messages! Proverbs 25:25 says "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." We can't wait to be home with all 3 of our children on our arms!


Alyson and Ford said...

Your photographs are awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey.

Pooler Family said...

Love the video. Lydia is changing by the day with her affect and other facial expressions. I laughed till I cried when whe started working with her tongue hanging out - you could just see the wheels turning in her little head.

We are just as homesick to have you all back in the US as well. The boys are getting excited and packing for Winterfest today - good thing mamaw is there to make sure they will have everything they need for the trip!

Keep the pictures and blog coming!! We look forward to every post.

Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Yes, keep the pictures coming. We love hearing from you guys. Of course, you know that I check this site daily. I remember being ready to come home, but we still had to do the consulate thing. Just keep tissues handy, you're not done crying!


Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Just letting you know that being wrapped around that little pinky isn't such a bad place to be. I actually enjoy it.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing everything with us all. She is such a doll baby and yes it does look like Mark is wrapped. We are excited to see the smooth bonding taking place. God is so good!!! Awesome, awesome, pictures and video!
I know the boys must be anxious for you all to get home and I know you are ready to see them too. Not too much longer and you'll be on your way!
Love you guys!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Okay, I think Daddy was having more fun with the toilet paper than Lydia. ;)
May the boys have a blessed time at Winterfest. They'll be so busy, you'll think of them more than they thing of you.
I love following your journey. It makes me want to go back...Then i got downstairs to Ellie, the Queen of Mean...oh, my Sweet and Sour Girl...and I think 5 kids are enough.

Scott & Yvonne Shull said...

Too Cute!!!!
I am so happy everything is going great with ya'll. We are praying for Lydia's cold. Thank You for sharing your pictures and video with us. She is truely a happy baby.
I know the boys will have a great time at winterfest. Our youth group is going to the Shabbach youth conference in Myrtle Beach this weekend. We pray blessings upon all of them weekend.
We Love ya'll