Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Summer Time Fun!!!

 Summer came and went in a blur, but we managed to have some fun and relaxation!
                                              I think we'll keep this pic for her Senior year....
Our Princess pooped out before we could get her to the hotel!
                               Nothing like a Bibidibobodi Boutique visit to feel like a Princess!!
Nap time at the pool!! 

This girl loves her Aunt Cher!!!  A week at the beach just wasn't long enough!!

Our little surfer girl trying to keep up with the big girls!

My "big" boys!!!  These guys are the best big brothers a princess could have!

Snuggle time with Uncle Dan!!!  Have I Phone???  Will snuggle!!

C'mon Roo Roo, you know you liked it!!!!  What a great sport!
Lydia always LOVES being with MiMi and JoJo!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Life Well Lived

                      On vacation in Panama City, Fl.             
A young and beautiful Nanny Rae! This was taken while she was in the TB hospital.  She spent several years there recovering and yet she managed to smile and make the best of it.
                                     Christmas love birds!          
                                           Smokey Mountains
So full of life!

A love story worth telling!!!

 As I was looking through the pics carefully choosing the "right" ones, my job got harder and harder.  You see, it truly was a "Life Well Lived!" Anyone who knew Barbra Rae Grimes knows she was a force to be reckoned with.  Her personality was larger than life!  If you were in the same room with her you knew you were going to laugh, and probably alot!  She enjoyed having fun and being with friends and family.  She has only been gone for one is that possible?  
She faced a treacherous fight with TB as a young woman and won the fight against Breast Cancer not once, but twice!  In the end it was her heart that would fail and bring her days on this side of heaven to an end.  It was a heart that was full of love for her God, and love for her family.
She was a faithful wife, loving mother, loyal friend, and very, very proud grandmother!  
We often find ourselves reminiscing about one of her fabulous meals, re-telling one of her hilarious stories, and simply missing her.  Something funny will happen (usually with Lydia) and Mark will say, "that's something I would have told to mama."  Sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, but always with a greatful heart for a life well lived!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring 2012

                                           A visit from Josie and Emilie!!!! 
                                           A day at the beach in March!!!!
                                           Daddy's little helper! 
                                           Happy 4th Birthday!!!! 
                                           Body Surfing lessons from the pro!
                                           Hunting Easter Eggs!  Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

                                           Watching Rudolph with Barbie(s) and Roo
                                                     Merry Christmas!!!
                                           I was a VERY good girl!!!
                                           Laughter truly is the best medicine!!!
                              Party Animals!!!! Made it to midnight!
                                           Round Robin Tournement!!!
                                           Dani's Nail Salon was a Fav!!!
                                           StinkerBell LOVES her MiMi!!