Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Have we ever got some catching up to do! It seems that once the school year got going, we have been traveling at warp speed. Mark and I are great, the boys are doing great! The church is doing great, the adoption process.... not so much. Things continue to slow down. I am trying my best to leave this with the Lord. Some extra prayer cover regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. I received a letter from my agency letting us know that they (China) have no intention of speeding up the referral process as stated earlier in the year the CCAA. (China Center of Adoption Affairs) There are also rumors that China may suspend referrals altogether for a few months to prepare for the Olympics.
The good news is that since we were staring at yet another Christmas without our daughter, we decided to take a vacation that would not be done as easily with a baby/toddler. So, Mark got busy with Denise at our travel agency and cooked up a sweet 7 day cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. Wow!!! It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Jason and Andrew saw Pearl Harbor, Wiamea Canyon, Kilowea (sp) the volcano, and the Nepali Coast. We also learned to snorkel and saw countless fish that we had only ever seen in aquariums. The guys ended the trip with a zip-line tour on Kauai.
We have only been home for a week, and Mark has already had to preach 2 funerals. These were both dear sweet women who served the Lord for most of their lives at 10Th Street. They will be missed.
Now we are back to school, back to basket-ball season and all is well in the Grimes house. We give the Lord this New Year to use us as He pleases. Our time is His time, our work is His work. Please think about us often and say a prayer for us as we wait for little girl.
We love you all,
Cindy (for Mark, Jason, Andrew and baby girl)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Waiting, Watching, and Praying

Hello again.

Waiting.... It seems very hard to post when there is no hope of a referral in sight. This past month China only psoted 3 days of referrals. It's like being in the worst traffic jam imaginable, only on paper.

Please over look the obvious frustration in my tone. I know it is all in God's time, but as I stated in our original post, patience is not a virtue of mine. I'm trying very hard. We are certain she will be worth the wait, it just seems so far out of reach.

Watching.... I have read so many new referral posts that my bottom is stuck to the chiar! I cry and sniffle, then cry some more.

Praying.... Now a resovle takes over from deep within. I'm reminded once again that this day as well as the ones to come belong to the Lord. I pray for forgivness for not trusting in His all knowing grace. I give it all back to Him and sheepishly lay it at His feet. He knows me so well, He readily lifts the burden and dries my tears. I'm so undeserving of such mercy.

Looking ahead... Our family traveled over the Labor Day weekend to dedicate Mark's best friends son. Jason and Andrew were smitten with him. Andrew actually asked if it was too late for us to get a boy instead of a girl!!! (Issac is Korean, and his sister is Chinese)

Yes Andrew, it's a little late for that! :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Fun

What ever happened to the "lazy days of summer?" We have been on the go since the last day of school. We have been purposeful with our time this summer to visit reletives and old friends, with some relaxation along the the way. Jason and Andrew got to vacation with cousins Josie and Emilie, who did a fine job preping them to be big brothers. As usual, they made me proud! I am less and less concerned with the age difference between the boys and their soon-to-be- sister. Everytime the girls are down for a visit, the boys are more excited to be getting a sister of thier own. (sister...chick magnet... it's all in one's own perspective)

School begins for me in less than 2 weeks, and only 3 for the boys. I'm praying that once the year gets started time will fly by! We are updating some paper work this summer and it only serves to remind me of how sloooow things have drug on. But... as sure as there is a God in heaven, we are certain He has brought us to this moment in our lives. I'll close this post with Hebrews 11:1 What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. NLT

One day, and not so very far away, our faith will become sight and we will have our little girl.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome to our journey!!

Hi and welcome to our blog.
As our site's name suggests we are eagerly awaiting a grand addition to our lives. As of this date, we hope to have our referral before the end of the year.I've already learned alot through this adoption process and one of them is that I'm easily distracted and inpatient. When Cindy and I discuss things I get excited and want our girl "right now". Then, the realities and responsibilities of life kick in and I become consumed with them and forget much of what Cindy has discussed with me. We've had several conversations about the same thing and it seems to frustrate her because I appear to be uninterested. But I'm not!!! I wish it was today. Meanwhile, Cindy keeps everything in mind and is really on top of things. I thank God for her. Our two boys are also excited and on board as well as our church that we pastor. So, again welcome to our journey and please pray for us.
Cindy's turn,
As Mark has already stated,we are ready for our girl!!!
When our paperwork was sent I received an e-mail from our agency that said...Congratulations, your approx. 10 month wait begins today! That was 2/1/06!!! That 6 letter word "approx" has drawn this out much farther than even the CCAA expected. So we are left to the perfect timing
of a very loving Heavenly Father, who is very aquainted with the impatience of 4 faithful servants in Alma, Georgia!
While I wait I'm left to wonder... could this be the day that she was abandoned by a heartbroken mother?... Is she warm, healthy and loved? As with my own two boys, I entrust her to the Lord daily. I ask the Lord to give her favor with her caregivers, and to protect her from any harm that would work against her. I pray for the Lord to reveal our faces to her so that when our faith becomes sight and she is finally in our arms, she will not be fearful, but experience peace and a sound mind. God can do anything!
So until next month....