Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome to our journey!!

Hi and welcome to our blog.
As our site's name suggests we are eagerly awaiting a grand addition to our lives. As of this date, we hope to have our referral before the end of the year.I've already learned alot through this adoption process and one of them is that I'm easily distracted and inpatient. When Cindy and I discuss things I get excited and want our girl "right now". Then, the realities and responsibilities of life kick in and I become consumed with them and forget much of what Cindy has discussed with me. We've had several conversations about the same thing and it seems to frustrate her because I appear to be uninterested. But I'm not!!! I wish it was today. Meanwhile, Cindy keeps everything in mind and is really on top of things. I thank God for her. Our two boys are also excited and on board as well as our church that we pastor. So, again welcome to our journey and please pray for us.
Cindy's turn,
As Mark has already stated,we are ready for our girl!!!
When our paperwork was sent I received an e-mail from our agency that said...Congratulations, your approx. 10 month wait begins today! That was 2/1/06!!! That 6 letter word "approx" has drawn this out much farther than even the CCAA expected. So we are left to the perfect timing
of a very loving Heavenly Father, who is very aquainted with the impatience of 4 faithful servants in Alma, Georgia!
While I wait I'm left to wonder... could this be the day that she was abandoned by a heartbroken mother?... Is she warm, healthy and loved? As with my own two boys, I entrust her to the Lord daily. I ask the Lord to give her favor with her caregivers, and to protect her from any harm that would work against her. I pray for the Lord to reveal our faces to her so that when our faith becomes sight and she is finally in our arms, she will not be fearful, but experience peace and a sound mind. God can do anything!
So until next month....


Robin said...

I'm so glad to see you finally have a blog. Yes, God's timing is perfect and once you see that beautiful face all the waiting will just disappear from your memory. Believe me , I know!! Clara Beth is such a blessing and continues to amaze us daily. I finally updated my blog too! We've had a new baby, a graduation and a wedding in the last two months!!! I love following blogs. Those are two handsome boys you have!! i can't believe how they have grown!! Talk to you soon. Robin


Kim Knapp said...

Our Friends have a Blog!!!!!!
We can't wait to follow your journey to that precious "Grimes Girl"

Much Love,
The Knapp Family