Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Have we ever got some catching up to do! It seems that once the school year got going, we have been traveling at warp speed. Mark and I are great, the boys are doing great! The church is doing great, the adoption process.... not so much. Things continue to slow down. I am trying my best to leave this with the Lord. Some extra prayer cover regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. I received a letter from my agency letting us know that they (China) have no intention of speeding up the referral process as stated earlier in the year the CCAA. (China Center of Adoption Affairs) There are also rumors that China may suspend referrals altogether for a few months to prepare for the Olympics.
The good news is that since we were staring at yet another Christmas without our daughter, we decided to take a vacation that would not be done as easily with a baby/toddler. So, Mark got busy with Denise at our travel agency and cooked up a sweet 7 day cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. Wow!!! It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Jason and Andrew saw Pearl Harbor, Wiamea Canyon, Kilowea (sp) the volcano, and the Nepali Coast. We also learned to snorkel and saw countless fish that we had only ever seen in aquariums. The guys ended the trip with a zip-line tour on Kauai.
We have only been home for a week, and Mark has already had to preach 2 funerals. These were both dear sweet women who served the Lord for most of their lives at 10Th Street. They will be missed.
Now we are back to school, back to basket-ball season and all is well in the Grimes house. We give the Lord this New Year to use us as He pleases. Our time is His time, our work is His work. Please think about us often and say a prayer for us as we wait for little girl.
We love you all,
Cindy (for Mark, Jason, Andrew and baby girl)

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Kim Knapp said...

Hey Grimes Family,
Happy New Year !!!
It's Gonna Be A Great One!!!
We are praying for you guys and think of you DAILY.
Absolutely can not wait for word on that special little girl!
So glad that you were able to update..... I think we're almost as anxious as you are!
The Knapps