Friday, March 13, 2009

Nanchang Day 5

Today we fly to Guangzhou. We ahve spent the morning gathering, packing, and weighing. Lydia has been so sweet. Her congestion continues to improve, thank you all for the much needed prayer. It's a vulnerable feeling to have a sick child in a foreign country. She has been laughing and smiling. Just plain ole sweet! She readily makes eye contact and initiates interaction from both of us. Although she has a preference for Mark, she has learned that I'm not so bad either. She sits up for longer and longer periods of time. She has attempted to roll over, I feel she actually could, but does not want to end up on her tummy. She hates it! I forgot to mention that Mark got to visit a flea market yesterday. He said it was unreal... ducks tiedtogether, frogs in baskets, snakes in baskets, every internal organ you can imagine from all manner of animals ...etc. You get the picture. There was also dog on the menu in the hotel resteraunt, I kid you not! We are beginning to get a little homesick. I am looking forward to not having to boil water for everything. We have a very busy first day in GZ, but we will try to post as soon as we can. We are not going to be at the White Swan. :-( Instead we are at the Holiday Inn Shifu. I'm tod that the rooms are much bigger and accomodating. Don't stop praying now... we're almost home! The photos of the newspaper is actually Lydia's finding add the govt. places to search for her family. The doctor is taking blood pressure and pulse for free at a park. I tried to upload a video of Lydia but it would not go through. I'll try again later tonight.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Lydia is soooooooo beautiful, and she really does remind me of your boys. I will be praying for that congestions. Josie-Tatum was sick and had fever the first night when we got her, and oh, that was scary.

I pray your travel to Guangzhou has been smooth today.


Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Yay for you and Lydia too. It's the last leg in China. Relax and enjoy, when is your consulate appt. Don't forget to take tissues, because you will cry there as well, with all of the others adopting. Wow, this brings back so many wonderful memories. I am so glad I am getting to share this with you. Talk with you soon. Hopefully the beds where you are staying are not as bad as the white swant, those were terrible.

Love to all

Just Renee said...

Lydia is adorable!!! I am praying for your family! You don't know me but Kim Knapp has drawn me in to your adoption process as she called on all prayer warriors a few months back......we have a beautiful daughter from the Hunan Province. We want to go back again and I never thought I would say that.......God is good! My prayers follow you as you continue your journey to bring Lydia home. Her brothers are going to fall in love with her fast! God bless all of you!

Pooler Family said...

Yeah!! Guangzhou will be a wonderful change in scenery for all of you. I have to say, I've never actually seen the "finding ads" in the paper and it was pure torture to think that so many of those beautiful babies will grow up without a forever family... it's unimaginable!

On the lighter side, Josie continues to create art work and posters to welcome Lydia home. They are so excited to know that you all will be coming home very soon. I'm curious to hear about the flight yesterday - how did she do?

Enjoy your day!!

Kim said...

Hi Guys.. my heart leaps for joy that you are probably in Guangzhou by now. That was our Province and entire stay in China as you might remember so I'm very anxious to see more pictures. (Just touch something for me as a symbol of my love for that amazing place..)
Lydia is so beautiful and she does look like such a happy baby. WOW!! I still stand in awe of how wonderful this whole adoption journey is. You guys are great, perfect parents for little Lydia.
Love you so much!
The Knapps

Jackie said...

Greetings Grimes Family! We live in GA and just received our referral for a sweet little Nanchang girl last week. Lydia is just precious! Hope she's feeling better soon. I'm sure that will make her mama feel better, too. :) Best wishes for a safe trip to Guangzhou and then home to GA.


Scott & Yvonne Shull said...

Pretty in Pink!!!
Sounds like ya'll are constantly on the go. Hope ya'll find time to get some sleep. Reading your blog comments makes me want to adopt a little girl from China. So sweet. I told Scott about Mark's $12 massage. He said "Wow" for that price I'd go everyday. We continue to lift ya'll up in prayer for safe travels. Love ya'll. Scott, Yvonne, Stephanie and Seth.

John said...

Hi Mark and Cindy:

Marie and I are so very pleased that you have Lydia. We hope everything goes well on the rest of your trip.

John and Marie Pooler