Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guangzhou Day 2

Another great day! Today we attempted to go to church, however our laundry delivery came too late, and Lydia was napping. After the nap we went to the Chen Museum and shopping. Lydia loves being outside and took a great nap in her stroller so mommy could shop for pearls. She has relaxed and finally feels safe enough that we don't have hlod her 24/7. She is content to sit on the bed and play with her toys from time to time. Have I mentioned what a great daddy Mark is? He is so good with Lydia and actually more patient than I am.
The photos are from our walk around the hotel, and the bed in the photo is from the museum. The bed has large white porcelean blocks that were the pillows! I especially love the bamboo scaffolding that construction workers were using.
Tomorrow is our Consulate appointment, and we must be in our room to answer any questions that may arise. Then on Tuesday afternoon we go for our ceremony. Lydia continues to blossom each day and is sitting up and rolling over! She especially loves to stand while we hold her. She also ate some congee and potato soup today. Still no fruit or juice. We are looking forward to spending much of tomorrow on Shamain Island. We love reading the encouraging words. We are having her dedicated this Sunday so we hope everyone than can will be there to help us celebrate this incredible gift. ~ Cindy


Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Wow, what a difference a week and a little TLC makes. She is sitting up and rolling over, just as I knew she would! I really hope we can see you soon. We eagerly await each days posts. Mark look likes he's already wrapped, wonder how long it will take the boys? Probably not long! hehe. Love to all, enjoy your last few day!

Love ya,

Pooler Family said...

God is so good - I'm just plain overwhelmed with gratitude for the progress she making each day. It is a true testimony of the power of God's love and faithfulness.

It has been wonderful to read all about your adventures, but we are ready to have you home for some in person hugs and conversation. Our prayers remain with you as you finish up the last few days of your adventure.

Much Love,

Kim said...

We love ya'll bunches and continue to pray for the remainder of your days in China. So sorry that we will not be able to be there for the dedication Sunday. I hope you got our email. It will be spring break here and our family had already planned to be here with us that weekend. We sure hate to miss... Herman sure was honored and was bummed that we couldn't make it. We love ya'll so very much! Hopefully we will be able to come and see you all real soon.
Big Hugs and Much Love!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

You will be amazed at how much Lydia will progress developmentally as she feels more and more secure.
By the time we left Guangzhou, Josie-Tatum had started taking a few steps. (I didn't even know she could crawl for over a week, because she wouldn't get out of my lap.)
More blessings comin' your way,