Saturday, March 14, 2009


Wow, what a difference a flight makes!! We are so happy to be in Guangzhou. Today we took Lydia for her physical and we are very pleased to say that other than allergies, she is very healthy. We even saw the same doctor that diagnosed Emilie's VSD. I just wanted to hug him! Next we did our paper work and finally had some free time to walk over to Shamain Island. It is less than 1 mile walk. The walk happens to be through a street market that sold everything from things for your aquarium, spices, dogs,(for pets) to dried sea animals of all manner. It was a palooza of smells! The walk also carried us past 2 mothers begging on behalf of their infirmed children. It caught me off guard. I've been to China before and seen the beggers, as well as others places I've been priveledged to visit. But this time I was holding my perfectly healthy baby in my arms as I walked by these 2 moms who obviously loved their child very much. They could have abandoned them to an orphanage, but instead chose to keep them and provide the best care they could. We are above and beyond blessed to have the means to be here in China adopting our Lydia. It may take a while to pay her off, but well worth it!

We made our way to Lucy's for a delicious lunch, then off to Jennifers for some shopping. It was a wonderful afternoon. Lydia is such a good baby. The video was filmed on SI while we waited for Daddy to scope out the Christian Church. Lydia loves to sing and be sung to. Weather permitting we hope to attend in the morning. This journey on China side is quickly coming to an end, and soon we will finally be "Grimes party of five." I can't wait to hear that the next time we eat at Cracker Barell. We are missing our boys, but I know they're having the time of their life at Winterfest. Much love to you all!

Mark, Cindy and Lydia


Scott & Yvonne Shull said...

LYDIA CAN SING !!!! I Love It. Alright Mark and Cindy Ya'll need to add her to the praise and worship team. Enjoy your stay in China. Not much longer and ya'll will be home soon. Can't wait.
Love ya'll. Von

Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

I love love love it! She is so vocal! Sing loud so the people of China can hear the good news of Jesus! He is certainly the reason we all have our beautiful china dolls. I am interested to know if you were able to go to church or not. I can't wait to hear about everything. We ate at Lucy's several time, outside because the weather was beautiful. I am so thankful to enjoy this journey with you. Hope to see you all soon!


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh my goodness, what sweet memories flood my mind as I read your post and look at pictures.
I knew that "Smiling Lydia" was inside Lucy's! Josie-Tatum remained in her shell for 4 days after her Gotcha Day, but we saw her smile first at Lucy's!

And, I pray you make it to church in the morning. I remember what sweet peace flooded my soul when we were surrounded by the body of Christ in China. When they sung in Mandarin, I felt the Spirit moving even when I didn't understand the words.

And, how cool, that Shamian Island is only a walk from your hotel. I think you've got the best of both worlds. You're staying in a hotel that is part of the culture, can experience real China, and still escape to the tranquility of Shamian Island.

I pray you continue to feel God's blessings,

Kim said...

OH MY, OH MY.... What a precious girl!!! A beautiful little voice!
I'm so glad that you have made it to Guangzhou! LOVE THAT PLACE!!
Lydia is just adorable, beautiful, so full of life and just the perfect little girl for the Grimes family. We are soooo Thrilled!! Herman sang Jesus Loves me to Jadewyn the moment we received her and she fell right asleep in his arms... right there in Guangzhou. We're filled with so much love for China and your journey there continues to remind us how very good God has been to all of us by allowing such blessings in our lives.
If you guys want some more American grilled food visit the White Swan pool side grill. (Can't remember the name..) Glad you made it to Lucy's and Jennifer's!
Much Love,
The Knapps

Suzanne said...

Precious is all I can say!!!!

Pooler Family said...

We are so jealous of you guys! Wish I was back there right now. The doctor in the picture was the same one we visited both trips to China.

Love the singing video! Isn't it just like the Lord to give you a little girl who likes to sing - she'll be just her mom. I'm glad you all are enjoying Guangzhou - I know Mark likes to go exploring and there are so many little places to explore on the Island.

The rest of your trip will be over in a flash! The boys are fine and having a great time in Gatlinburg. Mom is headed back to Alma tonight - the girls will miss having her here, but I keep telling them that they will see her in Alma later this week.

Let me know if you need us to have anything special ready for you all at the house before you come home. We can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!

Love you,

Alyson and Ford said...

She looks so adorable, hoping she is feeling better!
Have a safe journey home.

Alyzabeth's Mommy