Monday, June 29, 2009

Look Who's Walking!

In Ohio with Mamaw and Papaw and Granny
Chillaxin on Daddy

Aunt Fer-Fer and Lydia

I love the beach!

Cutting teeth at the beach!

We've had a very busy month, so we are late posting. Lots and lots of firsts to tell about! Since June 1st Lydia has cut 6 teeth, attended her first Kid's Crusade, first S. Ga campmeeting, first beach trip to Jekyll Island, had her first Father's Day with a Father, first trip to the ER (more on that later) and her first Mommy and me trip to Ohio. And to top it all off... she's walking!

We have come a very long way since March 9th! She loves going to church, especially the music. Poor Mark is expected to preach the Word while his entire congregation is being entertained by Lyida. She puts on quite a show! Jason and Andrew are equally smitten with her. She will search the pews until she spots them and blows rapid fire kisses with cute little waves.

Jason is getting ready for his missions trip to Peru. He leaves July 22, so please remember him in prayer. I'm going to exercise my parental perogative to tell on him... he was driving to campmeeting for youth night and aquired 2 tickets! One for speeding, the other for talking on the phone while speeding. We almost fainted! If you happen to drive by the parsonage anytime soon you may notice that the yard looks particularly immaculate! :-)

Andrew went to tennis camp while we were on Jekyll and is leaving to work youth camps . We may see him in time for the school year to start.

Now, for the ER trip... Lydia waited until we were in-flight to Ohio to bust a raging fever! She was at the ER within hours of landing with a nasty virus. (Hand, Foot, Mouth) Our entire visit to Mamaw and Papaw's was spent crying... not eating... overall just plain miserable. She has since recovered and is back to her sweet, bossy self.

We also had to tell Aunt Cheryl and family good-bye as they move to their new job in Texas. We will miss them very, very much!

God is in control of it all!



Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Thanks for the update! wow, she is walking. It doesn't take long. We leave for our cruise next week, so maybe after that we can get together one day if you are up for it!
We need to plan a Dallas trip.
love to all!

Nancy B said...

WOW that sure was alot of first. Sorry to hear she was so sick. She is so beautiful and I know you are enjoying every minute. Take Care!!

saintandie said...

Many blessings to you and your family! I enjoy reading the updates and hearing how the hand of God is ever present in all things...