Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 5

Riding on the Sea of Gallilee - We listened to a couple of traditional upbeat Arabic songs at the beginning of the voyage - but in the middle they played "Blessed Be The Name" The wind was blowing and the waves were high enough to hit the side of the boat and spray water on your face. Looking around at same mountanous view around the Sea of Gallilee that Jesus looked at turned into a very powerful experience - "Blessed Be The Name" will never be the same song for me ever !!! - I cried like a baby...again - Guess which song we will probably do Sunday Morning!!
Flags on the boat

Peter's house

Shores of the Sea of Gallilee

Church of Primacy - Peter's calling to ministry

Church of Multiplication - The rock is where jesus placed the baskets - notice the fish in the tile

Steps and path where Jesus walked in the temple of pan - yea cried here

Synagog like the one Jesus taught in

Church of Annunciation - Where Gabriel appeared to Mary

Yaku Faruc

Skipped breakfast to get a case study interview this morning with a nice old man named Yaku Faruk that owns a souvenir shop next to the hotel.
Walked to the church of the annunciation - the church is built on/around Joseph's family home.
Went to a Synagog like Jesus teached in

Visited Caesarea Philipi where the people worshipped the god pan - Jesus asked "who do you think I am?"
Visited the church of multiplication - feeding of the 5,000
Visited the mt. of beattitudes and the Church of the Primacy of Peter - where Peter was called
Visited Caphernaum and Peter's home
Took a boat across the sea of Gallilee


Pooler Family said...

Another very busy day! Thanks for the wonderful updates - Cheryl

Grimes Family said...

What a powerful experience!!! You
will nevr be the same after that!