Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 4 in Israel

Nazareth tonight out my window!
The Dead Sea

The Lee University Symphonic Band - we spent over $100,000 to be here! and this is what we get into!

Masada Ruins - Food storage rooms

Cable car to Masada

Dome of the rock - the little gazebo is a replica of the one inside - only muslims are allowed inside

Had a scary checkpoint leaving Bethlehem today - it''s odd watching a soldier walk through the bus with a machine gun looking at passports.
Visited the temple mount and got to spend about 20 minutes on the top beside the dome of the rock. Grabbed some rocks for Granny and Jordan.
We then traveled to Yad Vasheem to the Holocaust Museum. We had only 1 1/2 hours there and I only made it slowly through about 45% of it, but what I did see was heart-wrenching. At the end of the exhibit trail is a very large domed room called the Hall of Names. You can't be moved by seeing the thousands upon thousands of books filled with names of murdereed Jews.
We drove through the wilderness by the dead sea to Masada to see where Jewish rebels took their own lives and their families live to escape being enslaved by the Romans. Very fun cable car ride to the top of the mountain.
Afterwards it was on to the dead see to float like a bobber! It was a lot of fun. If you go out to the deeper water you can float "standing up" without having to tread water! We did a great group photo of all of us covered in mud! It felt relly nice.
We finally drove two hours to Nazareth where will will be for two nights.


Pooler Family said...

Wow - you have lived a lifetime in one day!! Sounds like so much fun and lots of excitement. Love you guys, Cheryl

Grimes Family said...

What a wonderful day! Wouldn't you just love to get Cheryl on the cable car ride???