Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 2 In Israel

Jerusalem Nazarene church where we played Sunday night
The Damascus gate - now the entrance to the Suk outdoor market in Jerusalem

Illegal ladies from Bethlehem rolling grape leaves to sell - they boil them and put rice,meat,and spices in them to eat.

The Jerusalem Baptist church - probably the smallest building we've ever set up in - but very memorable worship service.

The security entrance gate into Bethlehem from Jerusalem

We had two services today - this morning at East Jerusalem Baptist and this evening at Jerusalem Church of the Nazarene. It was very fulfilling to look into the eyes and faces of people that still resemble what Jesus looks like and watch them worship. There is an instant powerful annointing here. We shopped in the open market of Suk in Jerusalem today between services - our group meeting place and entrance into the market was the Damascus Gate.


Grimes Family said...

Thanks for the photos! If you get a chance, put a label under them for us. Hope you are both squeezing every minute out of this incredible experience!

Pooler Family said...

Love the photos - it really makes me want to go there soon as the girls are old enough to really appreciate the experience.