Thursday, February 26, 2009

Showers of Blessings!!

This day has been full of emotion! My peers at BCPS gave Lydia a shower and I was very humbled by the thoughtfulness and care that went into the event. I have to say I am so very blessed to work with such a great group of educators.

The gorgeous white dress is from the family of the student that I Para. I know God gave him to me for this point and time. I will miss him dearly.

Another photo is Mark showing off his "favorite" items of the shower. Having him in attendance was "dinner and a show!" He made certain that with each gift opened that he roared out an exagerated AWWWWWE. (Note to self... no husband at next shower) :-)

The two cuties who studied every gift I opened are my Pre-K friends. The one on the right gave me all of the church shoes she has outgrown. Thank you Olivia, Lydia is gonna love all those shoes! They also picked out an adorable outfit!

I can't end the post without thinking of my beautiful daughter who will be one year old tomorrow. My heart hurts as I think about her birthmother who will also be thinking about her in a completely different way. I pray for the Lord to bring peace to her. I pray for the Lord to give her a reassurance that the little baby she lovingly placed where she knew she would be found quickly, was indeed found safe and sound.

Pray for us.... pray for her....



Kim said...

This is awesome! This post made me cry again.... Then I had to chuckle thinking of Mark and his exagerated AWWWWE! I can picture that! SO FUNNY!!!!
I love the little dress.... Easter maybe?

stacey34 said...

Hi Cindy,
I know we haven't talked for years but I had to tell you how happy I am about your adopting Lydia. I know this has been such a long process for you and your family but you have endured and are about to reap the benefits of being so patient.
David has been keeping me up to date whenever I run into him at Walmart.
I will be checking your website for updates.
I am praying for safe travels for you, your husband and Lydia.

Bless you,
Stacey (Eckard) Burchette