Thursday, February 19, 2009

China Here We Come!!!!

We got our call for travel approval this afternoon. The wait is almost over!!! Looks like we will be leaving in 2 weeks, and guess what??????????? Our very possible gotcha day is that inescapable date of March 9! (reference post from early January) If it is not our gotcha it will likely be the day her adoption is finalized. Don't you just love how God weaves it all together??

Also, Andrew was playing in a tennis match today and his opponent happens to have 2 sisters adopted from China. They were at the match and I was so ADD from the good news and having those sweet little faces to look at it was hard to focus on the game. (Sorry Andrew) Andrew pulled out his first win of the season!
Stayed tuned for exact dates to come!
We thank you for your prayers!

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Frank, Allyson, & Molly said...

Hey, did you know that we are so excited for you guys? hehe. I know how you feel. I took off a week before we left and it took me that whole time to get everything done! We are praying that all goes smoothly the next couple of weeks. Are you flying out of JAX? keep us posted. Congratulations!

Allyson!, Frank and Molly too!