Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now You're Talking!!!!

This smile can make your day!
Chillaxin with Daddy

I like to have a toy in each hand just like Andrew did when he was a baby!

Look out Paula Deen...
We have had a very busy week! Lydia has began to say a few words. She is learning her facial parts and can say "eye, nose... (ohhh), and (ou )for mouth. She is walking all over the house with her rock-n-roll toy. has worn a path around the downstairs loop. She also loves to cook and serve anyone within arms reach. She'll say... Mmmmmm. It never gets old... we love watching her play and learn. She is such a smart girl. (yes, we are a little proud)
We are getting ready for a visit with Josie and Emilie. They are coming to watch Andrew in his on-stage debut in "Disco Inferno." Look for those pics next week. He is ready for his solo's... yes, I said solo's! School is down to 5 days... can you believe it?


Nancy B said...

She is adorable, I know you are enjoying every minute of every day. I think chinese children as very smart. Andrew is learning things so fast. Have a good weekend.

Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Totally precious. I remember those days with Molly too. And even now I still love to see her develop and blossom each day!

Hope to see you soon. Tell Andrew to break a leg!


Pooler Family said...

She is doing so well! What an amazing transformation.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Precious, precious smile!
looking forward to summer