Thursday, May 7, 2009


She knows how to hold a pen!
"I just love sharing Jason's milkshake!"

Prom 2009~ Our little Roo-Roo has grown up... sniff, sniff...

Our little girl has been growing and developing at warp speed! She has began to wave bye-bye, blow kisses, says mama, and dada, crawls all over the house, can pull herself up on furniture, and has 1 new tooth and another just about in. She has began to walk behind her push toy and that is ALL she wants to do. She can pitch a fit like a champion to get it out and start rolling. Our sweet, innocent looking angel has a temper accompanied by a very strong will. :-) I'm guessing that's how she survived and thrived in China. Fortunatly we have a little experience with a strong willed child (a-hemmm Jason), and we are enjoying every aspect of parenting again. She has a great sense of humor and knows how to use it to avoid nap-time. She adjusting to life in a parsonage and has learned that while we are at church, there are going to be people looking at her. She is pulling at her hair less and less. One of the bigger challenges we face for now is still food. She will eat "Cheerios, animal crackers, etc... but doesn't receive baby food. She has tasted food from our plate and occasionally will show interest, but not consistently. She has began to drink juice from a sippy cup this week!

Jason and Andrew are just the best big brothers ever! She adores both of them and has squeels and smiles for them when they come in from school. We can hardly wait for next weekend as Andrew will be playing in "Disco Inferno" at our local theater. Jason has made plans to go on a missions trip to Lima, Peru this summer. Please begin to pray for him and this incredible opportunity.



Pooler Family said...

Love the little scoot moves - she is just too much and we can't wait to see you all next weekend.

Nancy B said...

She is so sweet! I love the way she crawls. You are so blessed. I'm enjoying following your blog.

Frank, Allyson, and Molly said...

Yay, she is crawling! Molly started out the same way, one knee, one foot! It won't be long before she will be going up the stairs! Love and miss you all!

Frank, Allyson and Molly!

Kim said...

Jadewyn used to crawl that way too. Sooo sweet. She is a darling.
Kim K.