Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We finally have agreed on a name!!!

Lydia Joy Grimes

After much thought, prayer, and deliberation we have finally agreed on our china doll's name. Its both true to her origins(meaning from an ancient land in Asia) and encompasses our hopes and prayers for her Godly future. In Acts 16, Lydia was a worshiper of God, with a heart opened by Jesus to the Gospel that Paul preached (v.14), obedient in baptism, persuasive and compelling in personality, and given to hospitality and discipleship(v.40) - Hey! that'll Preach! Sorry! Anyway, she was a seller of purple before she met Jesus which implies that Lydia was wealthy(Lk 16:19) because purple was associated with wealth. Because of the costly dye involved, purple was a sort of status symbol.Its interesting that purple can also be associated in Scriptures with our sinfulness (Jn. 19:5, Rev.17:4). Interestingly, we don't know anything else about Lydia of the Scriptures; however, our prayer already is that the life giving transformation of Christ "in the heart" that the Bibles' Lydia experienced will be our own child's experience at an early age. We covet your prayers.

Mark (for Cindy, Jason, Andrew, and Lydia) :-)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vanessa said...

Lydia Joy is beautiful, and we are so thrilled for you! What a tremendous surprise and blesing. Wow! Thanks for letting us know, and we will eagerly follow your journey on your blog.
Jerome and Vanessa

Nancy B said...

Found your blog through a friend of mine. What a beautiful name. We have a 2 year old from China and just got our LOA for a little boy.
Good luck on your journey. It has been woderful for us.

Frank, Allyson, & Molly said...

Arsure this is the name you want? Lydia is beautiful!I know you are on cloud nine right now. I hope we can come see you soon. Love you guys!


Kim said...

That's Lovely!
The info on the name sure fits the cute little face!
Congrats...... We love you guys!!

The Knapps

Dan and Karen Herman said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, congratulations! The name Lydia is also beautiful and such a nice name for such a darling girl.

Enjoy this time and your journey to China!

Rejoicing with you,

Karen & Dan
("Dannysgirl" from RQ.

Dawn said...

I heard about your daughter on RQ. We are adopting from Vietnam.

Kayce said...

Congratulations! Lydia Joy is just beautiful!

Lissa said...

From our Lydia to yours...Congratulations!
Lissa from Loving Lydia

G's Momma said...

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!!! A huge congraulations to you and your family.

mom to georgiana, dob 1/7/2008
ours forever 12/8/2008

China Mom said...

She's a beautiful baby with a beautiful name. Congratulations! It's been two years since we got our last referral, but I will always remember the excitement and joy!!

Mom to 2 little girls born in China!

Glen said...

Congraulations On your Daughter, you never gave up hope, and have been blessed.