Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Summer Time Fun!!!

 Summer came and went in a blur, but we managed to have some fun and relaxation!
                                              I think we'll keep this pic for her Senior year....
Our Princess pooped out before we could get her to the hotel!
                               Nothing like a Bibidibobodi Boutique visit to feel like a Princess!!
Nap time at the pool!! 

This girl loves her Aunt Cher!!!  A week at the beach just wasn't long enough!!

Our little surfer girl trying to keep up with the big girls!

My "big" boys!!!  These guys are the best big brothers a princess could have!

Snuggle time with Uncle Dan!!!  Have I Phone???  Will snuggle!!

C'mon Roo Roo, you know you liked it!!!!  What a great sport!
Lydia always LOVES being with MiMi and JoJo!

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elsa said...

Hello, I enjoyed all photos! She's so cute and lovely. I have a newborn baby, hope my baby girl will grow up like your daughter...