Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots Of Catching Up To Do!!!!!

                                           The Big Oaks Church of God Easter Parade 2011

                                           We added a new family member....Barbie

                                           Rapunzell is her new favorite Princess

                                                     Emilie catching some Zzzzzz's!

                                           Love my girlie girl!!!!!!

                                           Good Luck kisses for Roo Roo!!

                                           Moving into Medlin Hall

                                           Our 1968 Fixer Upper!

                                           Backyard summer fun!!!

We are shamefully behind on updating our blog....
Much has been happening at the Grimes home and there is simply no way to possibly squeeze 8 months of life into one post!  The short version is... In March we began house hunting, and closed on our fixer upper at the end of April. In May Andrew graduated from Jeff-Davis H.S , we said good-bye to Nanny Rae in July, and moved the boys to Lee University in August.  I also started back to work full-time in August meaning Lydia is now in 3 yr Pre-K!  Now toss in everyday life with this brief synopsis and you've got yourself a very BUSY family!!!!
So very blessed and happy and healthy!   God is good!