Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer at last!!


Summer has finally arrived down here in South Georgia. So what is the first thing we do? Head up to Ohio for a family visit! My brother Dan has the perfect set-up for a family of massive proportions. As we celebrated my neice Dani's highschool graduation, we found some time to relax. I especailly love how Jason's smile is as big as Emilie's. Sorry for the awkward view of the photo's, most of you know I'm seriously electronically challenged.

This is Andrew with my Granny and Aunt. She'll soon turn 94 and has a tremendous heart for worship. It was wonderful for be in church with her. Amazingly she was able to standfor much of the praise & worship, and yes... she still actively participates!! I am very thankful that Jason and Andrew will have solid memories of her. She leaves a tremendous heritage of the faithfulness of God. Her ability to love unconditionally is uncanny. Just a week after this photo was taken Granny was hospitalized suffering symptoms of a stroke. It appears she has suffered a series of mini strokes. Please keep her in your prayers.

Now for the latest on our girl.....Referrals came in this week and we are inching ever closer to our 3/9/06 LID. It appears that the CCAA has placed children through January 20, 2006. We are Patiently awaiting our turn. We are hopeful to have a photo of her by the end of the year.

Please remember her as well as the entire Grimes family as we continue to wait... watch... and pray.

Much love,


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